Are we alone? : The Search For Extraterrestrial Life – Prof. Dr. Recep Avcı

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You are cordially invited to listen this colloquium by Prof. Dr. Recep Avcı on our YouTube Channel.

Colloquium – Astrobiology

Title: Are we alone? : The Search For Extraterrestrial Life
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Recep Avcı – Montana State University, Physics, USA

Abstract: This talk has two objectives. The first is to discuss the uniqueness of our world in the universe in terms of supporting a great variety of life, including intelligent life. This will include consideration of the current threat of global warming. The second objective is to explain the current state of the art in the search for life in our solar system, in our galaxy and elsewhere in the universe. I will briefly explain our current understanding of the evolution of our universe, our solar system and our Earth, and the origins of the elements in our periodic table.

The video was recorded in the Seminar Room of Physics Department(Izmir Institute of Technology ) on 10th December 2019.

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